1980-1990: Program Highlights

1989 - 1992: Mairisin Meri Program: Training PNG Village Health Workers (Papua New Guinea)

In partnership with the Maprik Hospital and Maprik Women's Association. With support from CIDA.

This partnership aimed to increase local capacity to respond to medical emergencies. Local women were trained in first aid and provided with a dependable supply of medicines, while local men were trained to build quality hygiene facilities. Nutritional education was offered to communities.

1985: Bedor and Wilkes Tour

SPPF and Project Ploughshare arranged for lawyer Roman Bedor of Belau and militarism researcher Owen Wilkes of NZ to talk to Canadians about militarization in the Pacific and what it means for Pacific Islanders; 20 newspaper articles, 22 radio interviews,4 TV interviews. Wilkes keynote speaker at founding convention of Canadian Peace Alliance, Bedor met with indigenous people in Vancouver and Ottawa. Wilkes had various difficulties visiting Canada and other countries due to past convictions from distributing public info in Norway and Sweden.

1982 - 1983: Tongan Hurricane Rebuilding Efforts (Tonga)

In partnership with local women's groups. With support from CIDA. 

This project aimed to curb public health crises by restoring kitchens and public health facilities impacted by Cyclone Isaac.