Call for Participants: Challenging the ‘Vulnerability’ Narrative

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Pacific Peoples’ Partnership is seeking 2-4 motivated students or community members from the Pacific Islands to participate in an online panel on May 16th, 2017. This panel, which will be broadcasted live across the Pacific, will be focused on challenging and dismantling media depictions of Pacific Islanders in relation to climate change. This panel is part of the University of Victoria Center for Asia Pacific Studies ‘Forgotten Corridors: Global Displacement & the Politics of Engagement’ conference.

The ideal candidates are passionate about Islander and/or Indigenous resilience, innovation, and knowledge. The candidates may be based anywhere across the world, so long as they have reliable internet access, as we welcome panelists participating both in person and bys kype.

Participants will have an additional opportunity to co-author a background paper with a prominent climate researcher. All participants will receive a small honorarium for their time and knowledge.

To get involved, email our Siobhan Powlowski at

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