Featured Partner: Animikii Indigenous Technology

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Animikii, an Indigenous web-based technology company located in British Columbia, uses technology as a tool to drive positive change for Indigenous Peoples. Pacific Peoples’ Partnership were excited to work with Animikii on the FrancOcéan Pacifique project to explore the oceanic connection between Indigenous Peoples of the North and South Pacific.

The talented team at Animikii built the amazingly diverse FrancOcean Pacifique website which is designed to connect Francophone educators and students from British Columbia and New Caledonia, in an educational program about our shared Pacific.  The curriculum includes key cultural lessons and teachings from the Kwakwaka’wakw Peoples of British Columbia to the traditional inhabitants of Nouméa in New Caledonia and their connection through the Pacific Ocean.

We are tremendously grateful for the breathtaking website Animikii gave to this project and the professionalism of their Team. To learn more about Animikki and how they leverage technology for Indigenous social, economic and cultural initiatives, please visit their website.

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