FrancOcéan Pacifique

FrancOcéan Pacifique is a comissioned project produced in partnership between Pacific Peoples’ Partnership, Fish Eye Project Society and Rivages Pacifiques. This French curriculum program explores our Pacific Ocean and rivers and builds a partnership between Francophone students in British Columbia and New Caledonia from Grades 6-9. Watch a French-language trailer for the program.

This program is designed to:

  • Connect Francophone youth across the Pacific through high-impact educational digital programming that is interactive, live, and delivered in French;
  • Provide a participatory learning experience where students can learn about the ocean in their own marine backyard, learn about climate change impacts, migration of species across the Pacific Ocean, and that of Francophone youth in New Caledonia;
  • Produce two live educational events that will anchor the program, allowing students to be part of a live dive, to see, hear, talk and share about the marine world and cultural context;
  • Give a central place to indigenous peoples’ traditional knowledge and connection to the sea.

Exciting educational feature events include:

FrancOcéan Pacifique – Exploring the Water Continent that Connects Us is envisioned as a province-wide educational program.  All Francophone students from grade 6-9 across British Columbia will have the opportunity to stream the live educational experience into their classrooms provided they have internet fast enough to stream videos. In addition, a website and special publication will help build momentum prior to the live dives and prepare students for the activities, exploring the oceanic themes in depth and encouraging peer-to-peer exploration of the topics following the live dive events.

The project also provides an international component in which BC Francophone youth will have an opportunity to connect and share with Francophone youth from New Caledonia in the South Pacific.  Once the educational program is complete, the website, digital media and publications will also be available to the interested public, and (funding permitted) translated into English.

We gratefully acknowledge support for this program from the Province of British Columbia and the Government of Canada.

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About our key partners:

Fish Eye Project SocietyPPP’s primary partner in producing this program has a mission to entertain, engage, and educate by connecting people to the world’s ocean through interactive Live Dives. Participants can see, hear, and talk to scuba divers, in real time, without getting wet. Their vision is to inspire care for the ocean through exploration of unique marine environments. Fish Eye Project broadcasts live dives in French and English. Watch a short trailer showing the Live Dive experience.

Rivages Pacifiques – The mission of this young non-profit organization is to promote Francophone connections around the world, supporting cultural exchanges. French can be a wonderful vector to learn about various inspiring cultures. The two co-founders of Rivages Pacifiques are from New Caledonia. They support the FrancOcéan Pacifique program to build a connection between BC and New Caledonia with local partners (Red Pacific Production, Subl’Image and Symbiose).

Additional Contributors/Partners include:

Department of Fisheries and Oceans

Ocean Networks Canada

Eiko Jones Photography

IRD New Caledonia

Red Pacific

Le Festival de l’Image Sous-Marine de Nouvelle-Calédonie

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