Pacific Peoples’ Partnership has been proud to produce over forty years of critical literature on the South Pacific, Tok Blong Pasifik. We have hosted numerous international conferences promoting North-South Indigenous knowledge exchange, facilitated Indigenous youth internship placements in the South Pacific and provided countless opportunities for artist residencies.

We are always looking to broadcast the voice of youth, elders, artists and community members from across the Pacific. Contact us to find out more about how we can support your work, or consider donating to knowledge exchange programming today.

What is Knowledge Sharing?

Pacific Peoples’ Partnership believes that communities across the Pacific have the strength, resilience and creativity to accomplish their own defined goals. Many communities across the Pacific share similar experiences with the effects of globalization, domestic violence, mining, climate change and more.

Our knowledge sharing programming aims to facilitate dialogue between communities to build solidarity, foster resilience and to support communities in realizing their own goals and aspirations. We are inspired by the concept of Wan Solwara – one ocean, connecting us all. We honor the role of Indigenous knowledge, of women’s knowledge and of other marginalized communities in the Pacific, as well as the role and value of the arts in knowledge transfer.

Our premier knowledge sharing event is our biannual Pacific Networking Conference. The 2018 conference in Aotearoa is focused on Indigenous responses to climate change.

How to get Involved

  • Sign up for our Pacifik Currents Newsletter for lots of original content about issues in the Pacific.
  • Check out our Tok Blong Pasifik issues all the way from 1982 to present that showcase views and concerns of Pacific Islanders.
  • Visit our Pacific Networking Conference information page for the 2018 International Indigenous Climate Change Summit details.
  • Pacific Islanders or North-Pacific Indigenous communities are welcome to contact PPP for opportunities for knowledge sharing and networking opportunities.