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One Wave is our premier Pacific Arts and Culture festival hosted on unceded Lekwungen territory. One Wave Festival celebrates the South Pacific concept of 'Wan Solwara' - one people connected in spirit by our Pacific ocean. The Festival is an expression of Melanesian, Polynesian, Micronesian and North-Pacific Indigenous cultures. Our aim is to use Pacific arts and culture to educate the public about threats to our shared lands and waters, and to build North-South Indigenous solidarity.

Since 2008, One Wave has been a constant feature of Victoria's vibrant festival scene.  The Festival links together local youth, Indigenous artists and leaders, and West Coast talent.  It has drawn on highly diverse arts mediums over the years, from slam poetry and spoken word to Polynesian dance, Coast Salish drumming, ska and reggae shows, hip hop jams, art exhibitions, and live painting and carving.

Through One Wave Festival, Pacific Peoples' Partnership creates space for dialogue about issues throughout the Pacific including cultural integrity, language loss, climate change, ocean pollution, food security, Indigenous identity, effects of colonialism, and racism. The festival’s signature event is a free celebration in Centennial Square every September.

One Wave would not be possible without the generous financial, in-kind and volunteer support that we receive each year. Moreover, we are proud to host a diverse range of South Pacific and North Pacific Indigenous artists each year. If you are interested in getting involved in One Wave Festival as a sponsor, artist or volunteer, we encourage you to contact Siobhan Powlowski, our Deputy Director, at