Papua Land of Peace: Civil Society Leadership in Conflict Transformation

Building on over 28 years of commitment, PPP continues to work with our West Papua partners on initiatives that improve sustainable livelihoods and community health, protect human rights and promote gender equity.

This initiative enables knowledge sharing and best practices of community-based resource stewardship, cultural strengthening, human rights, and gender equity.  It fosters cooperation between Papuans and counterparts across the Pacific and Indonesia, and creates opportunities for enhancing PPP’s knowledge of how best to support the aspirations of our partners and the communities they serve. This project harnesses rights-based approaches toward integrating capacity strengthening and education on sustainable livelihoods, Indigenous rights, HIV/AIDS prevention, and violence against women.


With the help of Development and Peace, LUSH Fresh Handmade Cosmetics Canada and generous gifts from donors, we are working with our partners to build five women’s cooperatives in Manokwari, West Papua.  These cooperatives serve a network of over 2,000 West Papuan women.

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YALHIMO is an Environmental Foundation deeply rooted in local communities. They weave Indigenous values and knowledge systems into initiatives that enhance local self-reliance and sustainability. Since 2009 they have facilitated community planning with 14 villages to protect traditional territories and provide sustainable economic alternatives.

LP3BH is a well respected human rights and legal aid organization that focuses on strengthening civil society, providing legal support and counselling a s well as developing information networks. They have formed a network of 25 women’s organizations – including local and municipal governments and NGOs – to serve women and children who are victims of gender-based violence

PTPS is an Association for Community Healthcare that works in support of health care and delivering HIV and AIDS education. They engage diverse individuals from sex workers, to migrants, street kids, to health and government, hospitals and clinics. Since 2009 they trained more than 25 local cadres to work with families to prevent HIV and AIDS and established a mobile voluntary HIV and AIDS counselling and testing clinic.

The Indonesan provinces of Papua and West Papua, or Tanah Papua, is a land of stunning natural beauty and rich, complex cultures. It is also one of the most biologically diverse regions on earth and home to some of the last great intact rainforest. Yet everyday, Papuans face longstanding human rights abuses, economic disparity and environmental contamination of their lands. Vast tracks of old growth Papua forests are converted to palm oil plantations by outside logging companies. Indigenous Papuans represent 68% of the people living with HIV Tanah Papua. Most people survive on less than $1 USD a day.