We are the only non-profit organization and registered charity in Canada, dedicated to working in partnership with South Pacific Islanders and Indigenous Peoples to support empowered, thriving communities.


We centre Indigenous and Pacific Islander leadership and design educational programs and arts-based cross-cultural events that facilitate knowledge-sharing and self-determined solutions to climate change and colonization in communities across the South Pacific and in Canada.

We work in connection with our partners from across the globe to secure funding to promote gender equity, food security, environmental sustainability and community-led development in Indigenous and South Pacific Islander communities.

We are grateful to our Indigenous friends and partners in Canada and the South Pacific who so generously share their wisdom and teachings so that we may continuously learn to be in service to their communities in a good way.

A Celebration of World Oceans Day by raising awareness and support for Pacific Indigenous cultures and communities.

We work in alignment with our core values of


Upcoming Events

From our annual One Wave Gathering connecting and celebrating Pacific Islander and Indigenous cultures to our Pacific Healing Circle, a virtual summit on gender-based violence, we strive to create event spaces for connection and community-building. Explore our upcoming events and how you can participate!

Our work relies on public and private funding from people like you. Your support at any level allows us to achieve our goals and empower the people and communities we serve.

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