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PPP has been committed to promoting the rights and cultures of Indigenous peoples across the South Pacific and Canada for decades. As part of this mission, we are launching Paddle 4 Pacific, a unique peer fundraising event where water enthusiasts can participate by paddling on kayaks, canoes, or any other inspired alternatives. Join us from July 26th through to August 11th, 2024, and help raise awareness and funds for PPP, supporting initiatives like the Ulin Maho Association’s Reviving Traditional Weaving in Vanuatu.

Participants are invited to safely engage in their favorite paddling activities, such as kayaking, stand-up paddleboarding, or canoeing. Each participant or team can raise funds on their personalized fundraising webpage, sharing their journey, photos, commitments, and inspirations. We challenge each team or individual to raise $20 for every 1km paddled, aiming for a total of $100 or 5km. This target is not a requirement but a fun goal to measure your impact and see how far we can collectively paddle together. Feel free to exceed this goal if you are comfortable doing so.

The importance of this fundraising event lies in its underlying cause – sustaining the traditional art of weaving and its cultural significance among the Vanuatuan community. Traditional weaving, a critical component of livelihood and sovereignty for local communities, is under threat due to a decline in traditional weavers and the adverse impacts of climate change on the pandanus plant, the primary resource for weaving. This decline threatens the cultural fabric of the Pentecost communities and undermines their ecological practices, crucial in the fight against global plastic waste.

Women play a crucial role in preserving this tradition, acting as custodians of knowledge about weaving and ensuring that stories, values, and customs embedded in each pattern are passed down through generations. Weaving is more than just an art; it is about maintaining cultural identity.

Paddle 4 Pacific aims to support these women and their craft, which supports their village economy and maintains its social fabric. Weaving empowers women and girls by fostering creativity and self-esteem, providing them with a sense of purpose, and giving them a voice within the community.

The funds raised through Paddle 4 Pacific will directly contribute to workshops and programs aimed at revitalizing traditional weaving among current and future generations. This includes resources for teaching and learning, opportunities for master weavers to share their knowledge, and materials needed to continue this practice.

Paddle 4 Pacific is not just a fundraiser, but a chance to preserve a tradition tied to cultural identity and promote sustainable living and women empowerment.

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