What we do

We actively work with Indigenous Peoples and South Pacific Islanders towards peace, justice, environmental sustainability and community-led development and our shared vision of empowered people and thriving communities across the Pacific.


At Pacific Peoples’ Partnership, we work to create positive change through meaningful relationships and dialogue with Indigenous and Pacific Islander communities. Our programming focuses on climate change, gender equity and knowledge sharing.

We work in collaboration with our partner organizations to create programming and event spaces where people can engage with the process of decolonization and ongoing healing: interacting with Indigenous culture and protocols, confronting colonial biases, building community, and learning about and supporting Indigenous sovereignty and resurgence with the invitation to begin to heal their own relationship to culture and ancestry.

“Working on the ‘Stories of Resilience’ project… opened a whole new world for me to explore. A chance to story-tell and share the bright lights across our nation. ”

-Tana Thomas, Stories of Resilience participant


PPP has produced over forty-five years of programming in more than fifteen countries, and we are one of the only Canadian NGOs to have delivered programming in West Papua.

Our current programming focuses on addressing food security, climate change and gender equity in South Pacific Islander communities, as well as facilitating knowledge-sharing opportunities between Pacific Islanders and the Indigenous Peoples of Australia, New Zealand and Canada.


PPP has been delivering human-rights based programming in collaboration with our partners for over forty-five years. We know that Indigenous People and Pacific Islanders have the knowledge to most effectively address ecological collapse and the impacts of colonization and social injustice in their own communities.

We recognize the disproportionate impact of these issues on women, LGBTQ2SIA+ and other marginalized groups, and centre these communities as knowledge-keepers in our work.

Our work relies on public and private funding from people like you. Your support at any level allows us to achieve our goals and empower the people and communities we serve.

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