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Dr. Mere Tari Sovick

Dr. Mere Tari Sovick is a social entrepreneur, consultant, and international business researcher committed to driving positive social change. She is known for her visionary leadership as the Founder and Executive Director of Melanesian Women Today (MWT), a registered non-profit organization in both Seattle, Washington in the US and Port Vila, Vanuatu.

Raised in the small village of Lavatu on the northern island of Pentecost in Vanuatu, Mere’s journey to becoming Dr. Sovick has been a remarkable one. After attending a boarding school in New Zealand and living on a Maori Marae, Mere pursued her passion for journalism and worked as a Peace Corp Vanuatu language trainer before moving to the United States to further her education. Mere’s academic research background in international business culminated in her publication in 2017 under the title, “Strategies Female Small Business Owners Use to Succeed in Business.” 

In addition to her work with MWT, Mere is the creator and host of the podcast Coming to the Mat, which shares inspiring stories of courageous women from across the South Pacific on topics related to leadership, entrepreneurship, and social change. She also mentors high school students, undergrads, and graduate students from the US and the Pacific, helping them develop their skills in leadership, business and research studies.

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