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Pacific Peoples’ Partnership (PPP) has a 46 year history of working with Indigenous Peoples and South Pacific Islanders towards peace, justice, environmental sustainability and community led development.

Based on the unceded and ancestral territories of the W̱SÁNEĆ, Songhees, and Esquimalt peoples (Victoria BC), we are Canada’s only non-profit and registered charity focused specifically on the island nations of the South Pacific. Our programs reach members and supporters in more than 20 countries worldwide. 

Empowered people and thriving communities across the Pacific.

Actively working with Indigenous Peoples and South Pacific Islanders towards peace, justice, environmental sustainability, and community led development.

PPP was founded when a small group of North American settlers pledged to work in solidarity with South Pacific Islanders during a period of widespread social unrest concerning nuclear testing in the Pacific. For over forty-six year years, PPP has been working actively with Indigenous Peoples in Canada and South Pacific Islanders towards peace, justice, environmental sustainability, and community-led development. With supporters in over twenty countries, PPP prioritizes addressing climate change and food security, while advocating for gender equity, human rights, and justice. As an organization working in solidarity, PPP is continuously engaged in the ongoing and necessary process of learning and unlearning the way that we work so that we can ensure that the needs and voices of Indigenous and Pacific Islander communities are always at the forefront of what we do and why we do it.

PPP’s work and way of working is grounded in solidarity, anti-oppression, anti-racism and trauma informed approaches, as well as aligned with Indigenous and Pacific Islander protocols to ensure that we work in a good way where we are. We centre Indigenous and Pacific Islander leadership and design educational programs and arts-based cross-cultural events that facilitate knowledge-sharing and self determined solutions to climate change and colonization in communities across the South Pacific and in Canada. We work in connection with our partners from across the globe to secure funding to promote gender equity, food security, environmental sustainability, and community-led development in Indigenous and South Pacific Islander communities. Read more about our approach, values, and key priorities in Wayfinding 2020: PPP’s Vision & Strategic Plan.

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